2022 International Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2022)
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Excellent Report Competition

Our organizing committee members will select no less than 8 papers from the all manuscripts of the conference to participate in the Excellent Report Competition. TWelcome to your acitive participation!!

Scoring Criteria
No.Scoring ItemsScoring ContentFraction
1TopicSelection is scientific and distinctive, Combining theory with practice, and no plagiarism.10
2Writing StandardComply with the required format; No typos, Overall beautiful appearance, Clear level, Appropriate use of data, charts, pictures, etc. To enrich the content of the article; Well organization of text materials10
3Research ContentThe content of the report is innovative and scientific, With sufficient arguments, Correct conclusions, and reference to the literature clearly in line with the conference discussion theme10
4Directive FunctionHave a certain guiding role for future social practice work10
5Time AllocationEffective control of reporting time, reasonable allocation, clear priorities (within 10 minutes)10
6LanguageEnglish report, fluent expression, accurate use of words, clear standard10
7Total ScoreThe top three are ranked according to the final total score60